DUI – Causes and effects

Generally known as DUI or “driving under influence”, it means handling any type of vehicles when under the influence of alcohol or other dangerous means of intoxication like drugs. Unlike other minor traffic offenses, DUI or drunken driving can be a criminal offense and lead to very bad consequences. This is due to the fact that drunken driving is harmful not only to the driver but also the other innocent citizens.

In most countries, DUI is a criminal offense and the individual can be imprisoned if the charge against him is proven. In some countries along with imprisonment the individual is penalized. Some times the penalty can amount to huge sums of money. In addition to all these stringent measures, the defendant is imprisoned for the entire time he is sentenced to. That is, unlike other offenses the individual is not eligible for parole.

Previously the charge was proved based on physical evidence submitted by the on-scene officials. These included, driving abnormalities like weaving, or physical tests like the ability to walk over a straight line or being able to stand one legged for 30 seconds. These were questionable evidences and provided at least some means of escape.

But the modern methods like breath and blood analysis are quite accurate and escape from charges is possible only with the help of a DUI lawyer.